Its Me



I am Nimal 

Originally I am from Sri Lanka, Lived for more than 20 years in Saudi Arabia.

Nature Loving Creature with a big heart always willing to give away without expecting much in return.

As you may have heard and known already, Sri Lanka is a beautiful Country to spend a Memorable Vacation. This Miracle land is now heading ahead faster to become an important and famous International Tourist Destination. 

If you are planning Your next Vacation, add this beautiful country into your consideration list, surf and see how much worth to be in this marvelous land once in a life time.  

Conclude with your decision and just click the E-MAIL-US page and fill in with your Email address and wait for the proposal packages in a reply Mail.

We can discuss together and plan how to catch the most attractive places during your stay according to the available time frame and to select Hotels or alternative comfortable lodging places to meet your Budget. 

I am here to follow your every move and ready to take care of your all requirements throughout your stay in Sri Lanka from arrival till your successful departure back home.

I assure you again arranging an unforgettable Marvolouse Vacation tour in a very low economical Budget. 

Wishing you a nice day and waiting to hear from you soon.  



Nimal Perera

(Tour Organizer)